Information on crypto investment scams - February 2022

Reference Case Number: FOI8914

Freedom of Information: Right to know request:

Please could you tell me, in relation to this page:

1. The number of reports the FCA has received about cryptoasset scams, and how many investigations have been launched by the FCA into scams. (Please break the data down by number of scams reported/investigated over the last five full calendar years)

2. The number of firms that have sufficient permission/license/authorisation to deal in or sell crypto assets (please provide the cumulative number over the last five years e.g. in 2016 it was X, this grew to Y in 2017, and so on) 

3. The value of UK money that the FCA estimates is invested in unregulated crytoassets

FCA response:

Before we respond to your request, we would like to direct your attention to the information we publish on our website, which sets out the limits of cryptoassets regulation, and provides information on our work related to cryptoasset investment scams. This can be found at the links below: