Application fees: variation of permission

If the scope of your firm’s regulated business will increase, we charge a non-refundable application fee of £250 if your firm’s fee-blocks do not change. This is payable before we start to process your application.

We do not charge a fee for applications that will reduce your firm's overall permitted business activities.

If your application means your firm moves into a single new fee-block, you will pay the relevant fee. If it will move into more than one new fee-block, you will pay the higher of any relevant fees.

Payment types

When you apply on Connect you can only pay by credit or debit card. 

We prefer you to use Connect. In the rare circumstances that you are unable to apply on Connect and are sending us a paper form, we can accept payment by:

  • Cheque − made payable to the 'Financial Conduct Authority', with your firm name and 6 digit firm reference number on the back.
  • Credit or debit card – Your case officer will contact you to arrange payment.