Transforming data collection

We are working with the Bank of England and industry to transform how we collect data from the UK financial sector.

Our aim

Our work with firms on digital regulatory reporting, and the Bank of England’s data collection review showed that data collection presents many challenges for both us and those we regulate.

We recognise that reporting is one of the most demanding parts of regulation, and the quality of data that we receive is not always to the standard that we expect. Our data needs have also evolved as technology and business models have changed.

To address these issues, we have developed a joint transformation programme with the Bank of England. This will identify how data collection should improve to increase the value and reduce the burden to firms.

We see many benefits in working closely with firms and industry to make sure that our data collections are worthwhile and valuable for regulators and industry.

Our 3 areas of focus:

  • Integrating reporting to move to a more streamlined efficient approach to data collection. 
  • Modernising reporting instructions to improve how they are written interpreted and implemented.
  • Defining and adopting common data standards that identify and describe data in a consistent way.

March 2024 update

In March 2024, the Transforming Data Collection programme published the phase 2 recommendations, the regulator response to those recommendations and the future strategy for the programme.

Building on the learnings from the joint transformation programme, the Bank and FCA are now planning several projects over the next 18 months to improve data collection. They contribute to 5 outcomes:

  1. Data collections meet and are proportionate to regulators’ needs.
  2. Effective and efficient internal processes for creating data collections.
  3. Efficient processes and support for meeting regulatory obligations.
  4. Clear and consistent data definitions.
  5. Modern systems to underpin data collections.

The Bank and FCA are undertaking a range of specific workstreams to achieve these outcomes and improve data reporting as identified through the joint transformation programme.

Read the recommendations in full.

Read the Bank and FCA’s joint response and future strategy.

Find out more

You can find out more about the programme and our progress on the Transforming Data Collection Website.

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