Landing slots for funds in temporary marketing permissions regime

The process of exiting the temporary marketing permissions regime (TMPR) and the notification of landing slots is still under review. Find out what UCITS operators should do.

If the Treasury makes regulations under s271A FSMA approving certain countries or territories, we expect to contact fund operators, shortly afterwards, with information on landing slots for exiting the temporary marketing permissions regime (TMPR).

A decision about whether to make regulations under s271A FSMA is for the Treasury. No regulations have been made at this time.

As the process is still under review, operators of UCITS in the TMPR should ensure we hold the correct contact email address (as shown on the FS Register) as this will be used to contact you with details of the process and landing slot.

This email address should be for the operator and not an external consultancy firm or other third-party. If you need to update your firm or fund details, please email [email protected].

If funds registered under TMPR are no longer marketing in the UK they should be removed via our Form TMPR CH.

Further information will be published on our website in due course.

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