Reports from foreign jurisdictions concerning agents of UK Payment Institutions

Overseas regulators can use this form to provide us with information if they have concerns relating to passported agents of UK Payment Institutions (PIs).

Obligations of Passported Agents of Payment Institutions (PIs)

The Principal Firm must register details of all its agents with the FCA and is responsible for their compliance with the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (PSRs). A Payment Services Institution may provide payment services as an agent of another firm. The Principal Firm must be either authorised or registered as a Payment Institution. Agents can also act as an agent for another firm. It is common for agents to act as agent for multiple principal firms. For more information, see The Payment Services Legislation 2017.

Before submitting this form:

  • Check if the Payment Institution or its agent are authorised or registered by us by checking the Financial Services Register. If a firm or individual has never been registered by us, we are unable to investigate any concerns.
  • Check if we have previously published a notice against a firm or individual (eg to prohibit them from being authorised or cancelling permissions). Please note that we do not publish notices in all instances.
  • Check you have reference numbers for the Payment Institution and its agent. This helps us process your request quickly. Reference numbers can be found on the Financial Services Register.

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