Register a mutual society

Find out how to register a mutual society with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Why you need to register

You may register the following societies with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA):

Further information on authorising a new credit union

When your society is registered it:

  • exists in law (it can, for example, enter into a contract with others)


You need to pay an application fee of between £40 and £950, depending on whether you use model rules, use model rules with changes or freely draft your own rules.

These notes have more information.

How long it takes

We aim to register at least 90% of valid applications within 15 working days of receipt.

It takes up to a year to register a new credit union.

How to register

The registration forms depends on the type of society you are.

Registered societies

Registered societies, co-operative societies and community benefit societies can submit their annual return online using our mutual society portal.

After you’ve registered: annual returns

If your society is unregulated, you must send annual returns to us after you’ve registered.

Cancelling your registration

When you cancel your registration, this will remove your society from the Mutuals Public Register (though the society will still appear as a deregistered society).

Read more about how to cancel or dissolve your society.

You can register a new society but this must have a new name.