Gabriel help and FAQs

You can find help and/or FAQs on all the Gabriel data items below and via the links to the right.


Our online course, designed and developed with input from firms and trade associations, is designed for all firms who have to report using Gabriel. It takes around 55 minutes - you don't have to complete it in one go and can return at any time.

It covers how to:

  • register for Gabriel
  • set up and manage users
  • prepare, validate and submit returns online
  • view system and policy help text for support
  • request a resubmit of data

Make sure your computer sound is on, and your pop-up blockers are disabled.

Data items help text and FAQs

Data item Help text FAQs
Capital adequacy  
FSA003 Capital adequacy; FSA044 Analysis of assets and deposits maturity   FAQs
Client money and assets return
General queries   FAQs
Complaints by Retail Investment Advisers, Complaints DISP 1 ANN 1R, Complaints data publication   FAQs
Consolidation and group reporting
General queries   FAQs
Consumer credit reporting
General guidance Help text  
CCR007 Consumer Credit data: Key data Help text FAQs
COREP and FINREP reporting
General help on the validation and filing rules, data point model and mapping Help text  
FSA001  Balance sheet; FSA002 Income statement; FSA005 Market risk; FSA007 Operational risk; FSA008 Large exposures; FSA015 Sectoral information; FSA017 Interest rate gap; FSA018 Large exposures (UK integrated groups); FSA029 Balance sheet; FSA030 Profit and loss account; FSA045 IRB portfolio risk   FAQs
Other FSA data items   FAQs
FSA047 and FSA048; FSA055 Systems and controls questionnaire   FAQs
Mortgage lending and administration data items (MLA)
MLA general queries   FAQs
MLA A1 & A2  Balance sheet    FAQs
MLA B1 Profit and loss account   FAQs
MLA C  Capital adequacy   FAQs
MLA D  Lending: business flows and rates   FAQs
MLA E  Residential loans to individuals   FAQs
MLA F  Mortgage lending: arrears analysis   FAQs
MLA G  Mortgage administration business profile   FAQs
MLA J  Fee tariff measures   FAQs
Product Sales Data (PSD)    
General and new user help Help text  
Cancellations and corrections   FAQs
PSD: Policy and business-related   FAQs
General guidance on products/retail investments   FAQs
Self invested personal pensions (SIPPS)   FAQs
Mortgages   FAQs
Specific investment management-related   FAQs
Reporting of advised/non-advised sales   FAQs
Process-related   FAQs
PSD: Process-related aspects   FAQs
PSD: New mortgage requirements   FAQs
Sales data   FAQs
Performance data   FAQs
REP001, REP001a, REP002, REP005   FAQs
Email REP011 and REP012 queries to [email protected]    
Retail Mediation Activity (RMA)
RMA-A Balance sheet Help text FAQs
RMA-B Profit and loss account  Help text FAQs
RMA-C Client money and assets Help text FAQs
RMA-D Regulatory capital and financial resources   FAQs
RMA-D1 Regulatory capital Help text  
RMA-E Professional indemnity insurance Help text FAQs
RMA-F Threshold conditions Help text FAQs
RMA-G Training and competence Help text FAQs
RMA-H COBS data Help text FAQs
RMA-I Supplementary Product Sales Data Help text FAQs
RMA-J Data required for the collection of fees Help text FAQs
RMA-K Adviser charges   FAQs
Retirement income data
REP015 and REP016   Help text