Defined Benefit Advice Assessment Tool (DBAAT)

Our Defined Benefit Advice Assessment Tool (DBAAT) helps the market understand how we assess the suitability of Defined Benefit (DB) pension transfer and related investment advice and disclosures. 

The DBAAT was developed during our ongoing review into defined benefit (DB) transfer advice. We first published the DBAAT in 2021 after it was used in our 2019 review assessing the suitability of DB transfer advice.  

The DBAAT was updated in June 2023 to incorporate rule changes that came into force since 1 October 2020 and our non-Handbook guidance in FG21/3. The latest version includes a section on assessing abridged advice and contingent charging. The information collection, suitability and disclosures sections have been fully updated to reflect the changes made in PS20/6.

We published the DBAAT to help firms and pension transfer specialists understand our file review methodology for DB transfer advice. It may also be of interest to other stakeholders with an interest in DB transfer advice, including: 

  • providers of professional indemnity insurance who want a better understanding of how we assess DB transfer advice 
  • compliance consultants who want to be better able to support firms responding to our reviews 
  • trustees and sponsoring employers of workplace pension schemes 

Using the DBAAT

Your right to use the DBAAT is subject to the terms of our DBAAT Licence Agreement. Please read the agreement carefully before accessing or using the DBAAT. By accessing the DBAAT you confirm your acceptance of the terms of the DBAAT Licence Agreement.  

We recommend that you use the current DBAAT to assess your past advice, for example if you receive any complaints about the DB transfer advice you gave or as part of carrying out a past business review. This DBAAT sets out the key factors to consider when checking the suitability of advice and disclosure, and allows firms to understand what is expected. 

Access the DBAAT

Firms can use the updated DBAAT to assess the suitability of DB transfer advice and the adequacy of client disclosure for advice given after 1 November 2007.  

Our instruction guide and explainer videos will help you understand how to use the DBAAT or interpret the results from a file review by us. You can also email us if you have any questions about how to use the DBAAT.  

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