Future Horizons Conference

Our Future Horizons Conference was held in April 2017 and brought together leading thinkers to look at the big challenges facing financial services over the next 15 years.

We looked at the future risks and opportunities these changes bring for regulation, financial services and wider society. 

The conference centred on a set of ‘stories’ which created imaginary narratives on how the next 15 years could play out – videos of these stories are available below and can be used to stimulate discussion in your own businesses.

Future Horizons Report (PDF)

In our report we introduce a selection of these stories. We outline the main drivers behind each potential future, how these futures may look, and the challenges they could present for policy makers and regulators. The stories in this report highlight four themes:

  • The role of data
  • Platforms
  • Innovation
  • Uncertainty
This report does not seek to make predictions of the future, nor does it set out likely FCA response or represent FCA policy. Instead, we want to share how participants at the conference thought the future may play out, to provoke debate and help us start to understand better the potential risks and opportunities ahead. 


Alongside this report we have published 23 expert papers that helped us develop the stories used at the conference.


Expert papers


  1. The Future of Funding for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the UK
  2. Future Issues in Bank Taxation
  3. The changing face and nature of products and services - Do Keep Up…
  4. IHS Markit Scenario on wholesale
  5. The Ageing Population and Financial Services
  6. Direct Line Group Paper
  7. Bank Dis-Intermediation - The Role of eCommunities 
  8. The future of the financial sector 2020‐2030: a political economy perspective
  9. Pensions
  10. Whatever happened to crowdfunding?
  11. Financing the transition: How Climate Change Could Impact the Financial System
  12. Market abuse
  13. Cybercrime
  14. Met Eva the future face of the invisible bank
  15. Future Issues in Unsecured Consumer Debt 
  16. Challenges countering fraud money laundering
  17. The Future of Global Financial Regulation
  18. The EU Market Abuse Regime – is it fit for purpose? 
  19. Financing inequality
  20. From pipes to platforms 
  21. A banking renaissance – making trust and culture central to 21st century retail banking
  22. Disruptive Technology and the Future of Financial Services: A Generational Analysis 
  23. A novel and quantitative perspective of the SEC