CultureSprint: supporting and empowering managers to transform culture

Leadership is a key driver of behaviour and an important element of a firm’s culture. In particular, mid-level managers play a unique role in culture change

This event is a first of its kind, bringing together executive leaders, mid-level managers from various firms and a host of multi-disciplinary experts to discuss the realities that middle management face, with the aim that we can collectively identify, explore, and create solutions to support and empower middle managers to be the champions of culture transformation.

A CultureSprint is an event bringing together a range of experts from multi-disciplinary perspectives to work together in teams, exploring ideas and developing solutions to problems the industry is facing in relation to culture. The focus is on developing implementable solutions and firms who attend do so on the basis that they will take the solution developed within their team back to their firm to test it within a team/business area.

The most important aspect of the CultureSprint is that we create a learning environment where attendees participate and collaborate to design innovative solutions that can be explored and implemented in practice. We will hold a follow up session after the Sprint to share outcomes and learnings from the tests.

Watch a short video of the last CultureSprint

Who should attend

This event is open to all regulated firms. Each firm must nominate a executive leader and a mid-level manager to attend. This event is also open to academics & multi-disciplinary experts.

We cannot guarantee a place to all those who register their interest to attend. There is no fee to attend.


23 May 2019 - 24 May 2019
13:00 - 17:00


Glaziers Hall
9 Montague Place
London Bridge
London SE1 9DD

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