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We are asking for comments on this Consultation Paper.

Comments should reach us by 27 June 2022 for Chapter 3; 18 July 2022 for 2, 4, 5 and 6.

Please use this online form or email us. Alternatively, please send comments in writing to:

Chapter 2: Emily Bolton, Law Policy and International, Telephone: 020 7066 5281
Chapter 3: Mark Andersen, Redress Policy, Telephone: 020 7066 0037
Chapter 4: Sandra Graham, Pensions Decumulation Policy, Telephone: 020 7066 1208
Chapter 5: Stella Onyekwe, Prudential Policy, Telephone: 020 7066 6372
Chapter 6: Miriam Mirwitch, Prudential Policy, Telephone: 020 7066 4188

If you are responding in writing to several chapters, please send your comments to Meghan Beller in the Handbook Team, who will pass your responses on as appropriate. 

We make all responses to formal consultation public unless you request otherwise. Let us know below if you don't want your participation and/or response to be made public.

We will not regard a standard confidentiality statement in an email message as a request for non-disclosure.

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