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We are asking for comments on this Consultation Paper. Comments should reach us by 5 July 2021 for Chapters 3 and 5, and 2 August 2021 for Chapters 2 and 4.   

Please use this online form or alternatively email us or write to: 

Chapter 2: Ann Sanders, Consumer Credit Policy, Telephone: 020 7066 2483
Chapter 3: Luke Fernandes, Consumer Credit Policy, Telephone: 020 7066 0185
Chapter 4: Katherine Smith, Mortgages Policy, Telephone: 020 7066 1103
Chapter 5: Anna Hughes, Law & Policy, Enforcement, Telephone: 0207 066 1002

We make all responses to formal consultation public unless you request otherwise. Let us know below if you don't want your participation and/or response to be made public.

We will not regard a standard confidentiality statement in an email message as a request for non-disclosure.

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