Report an unfair contract term

Financial businesses can't enforce unfair or unclear terms in their contracts with you. If you think that a contract term is unfair or unclear, please report it to us by completing the form below.

To report a contract term, please:

  • give us details about the terms you think are unfair or unclear
  • attach a copy of the contract you have concerns about
  • attach copies of all supporting documents and any contact you’ve had with the business, such as emails or letters 

Thank you for sharing your concerns. While we consider every report that’s sent to us, we can’t share details of any action we take. If you’re unhappy with a financial product or service, find out how to complain.

Write to us

You can also write to us at Consumer Contracts Team, Financial Conduct Authority, 12 Endeavour Square, London E20 1JN.

Please make sure you include a copy of the contract, along with any supporting documents, and highlight the terms you think are unfair or unclear. If you post documents to us, and you don’t have copies, we’ll be happy to return them.

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Examples of acting as a consumer include taking out a credit card for personal use and taking out a mortgage for a residential property.

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Please be as specific as possible and send us a copy of the contract.

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