Pensions transfer advice checker

Use our checker to find out if you may have received poor advice, and what to do next.

Your adviser didn't ask you for all of the information on this list:
  • details about you and your family
  • how much money you need to support them when you retire
  • your and your partner’s (if you have one) jobs, current pay and spending, tax band or if you don't have a job, if you rely on benefits
  • your plans for income in retirement and if you are entitled to a state pension
  • the state of your and your partner’s health 
  • your and your partner’s other pensions, investments and debts
  • how much money you’d need to have the kind of retirement you wanted
  • how much risk you were happy to take with your investments 
  • if you’d be prepared to accept less money in retirement if your investments did not provide what you needed