Employers' liability insurance

If you want to find an insurer for work-related injuries or illnesses, it could be difficult if you can’t locate your former employer. Here are some tips on finding an insurer and what insurers have to do to make it easier for you.

All general insurers have to tell us if they are, or might be, responsible for employers’ liability claims. They also have to publish an employers’ liability register (ELR), which lists policies and the employers they cover.

What to do if you have an employment liability insurance claim

To check which insurers may be responsible for your employers’ liability insurance claim, you should start by searching our list of insurers

The list is based on information provided by insurers.

In many cases you will find it helpful to go via a specialist tracing office (see below), rather than to the insurer directly.

Our list has a searchable table showing, where available, the following information:

  • the insurer’s firm reference number (FRN) – this can be used to cross-refer to the Financial Services Register, which provides further information about firms we regulate
  • the name of the insurer
  • the home country of the insurer in Europe
  • whether or not the insurer is, or might be, responsible for employers’ liability insurance claims or whether we are still waiting on information from them (yes/ pending notification/no)
  • the website address of the insurer or tracing office at which the employers’ liability register is available

In addition, for insurers not using a tracing office, the following information is included:

  • the name of a contact at the insurer and their telephone number or postal address, or both
  • the period when the insurer provided cover or, if still ongoing, the date it started providing cover – this is to help you identify firms that provided cover while you were employed

We will be updating this list when we receive more information from insurers.

Specialist tracing offices

It can be complicated for insurers to find out if they might be responsible for the claim of a particular employee. They can therefore use a specialist tracing office to help.

These tracing offices can also help you find an insurer, as by contacting them you will be able to search through all the insurers that use that office.

For insurers to use this service, a tracing office has to meet certain conditions and its directors have to publish a statement confirming this. To date, one tracing office, the Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (the ELTO) has done this, and you will see from our list of insurers that many firms are using this office.

You can find out more about the ELTO or contact [email protected].