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Support our campaigns - download resources to spread the word about savings, loan fee fraud, and how to avoid investment and pension scams.

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Loan fee fraud resources

Loan fee fraud partnership toolkit 2024

Investment scams resources

Social Media Packs

ScamSmart Investments partner toolkit (February 2023) (Zip)

Screensharing scams partner toolkit (May 2022) (Zip)

ScamSmart Investments partner toolkit (February 2022)

ScamSmart Investments social media pack (January 2021) - for partners (ZIP)

ScamSmart Investments - Clone Firms PR social media pack (January 2021) - for partners (ZIP)


FCA warns of increased risk of online investment fraud

Speak out against investment scammers

Over 55s at heightened risk of fraud

Take the time to check investments are legitimate

Tactics fraudsters use to deceive investors

Press releases

Over £27 million reported lost to crypto and forex investment scams

FCA warns public of investment scams as over £197 million reported losses in 2018

FCA warns of increased risk of online investment fraud, as investors lose 87k a day to binary options scams

Over 55s at heightened risk of fraud, says FCA 

A third of over 75s targeted by investment scams, as FCA urges consumers to take the time to check 

Inside the mind of a scammer: FCA reveals the tactics investment fraudsters use to deceive over 55s

FCA urges public to report and speak out against fraudulent investment schemes


Spot the investment scam with Alvin Hall

Top 6 investment scam tactics to look out for

Scam or Smart video

Case Study: Watch Derek's story

Case Study: Watch Richard's story

Press release video: Investment fraud risk

Beware the investment cold call


Scam or Smart pitch A

Scam or Smart pitch B


Be ScamSmart leaflet

Cymraeg: Byddwch yn fuddsoddwr ScamSmart nhaflen


Investment scams advice poster

Cymraeg: Poster sgamiau buddsoddi


ScamSmart partners presentation

Victim Support Information

Victim Support Information leaflet

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