Sector overview

Find out more about the sectors that we regulate, including key facts and figures.

We are the conduct regulator for around 51,000 financial services firms and financial markets in the UK. We are the prudential supervisor for 49,000 firms and we set specific standards for around 18,000 firms.

We are responsible for regulating sectors that play a critical role in the lives of everyone in the UK and without which the modern economy could not function.

The sectors we are interested in cover:

  • regulating standards of conduct in retail and certain wholesale markets
  • supervising trading infrastructures that support those markets
  • the prudential regulation of firms not regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority
  • reviewing and approving the issue of securities, operating the UK listing regime and monitoring market disclosures

See our sector overviews for facts and figures:

Page updates

15/07/2021: Information changed Number of firms we regulate 'around 51,000'.
28/09/2020: Information changed Added highlights from 2019/20
24/09/2020: Information changed Nearly 60,000