Measuring our performance

Find out how we measure our performance.

We evaluate the effect our work has so that we can find ways to improve. We state our key milestones for the year in our Business Plan. And we describe the progress we have made against our business plan, how we use data and how we continue to pursue our statutory objectives in our Annual Report.

Standards we aim to meet

We measure our performance using service standards. These are the levels of performance that we aim to meet when carrying out our regulatory functions – we publish these as part of our commitment to be a transparent organisation.

We break down the service standards by the following categories:

  • Authorisations
  • Communications
  • Complaints about us
  • Listing
  • Notifications
  • Payment services regulations & electronic money regulations
  • Regulatory decisions
  • Customer satisfaction

We also publish quarterly key performance indicators (KPIs):

Previous service standards

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