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  1. The basic advice regime under MiFID II & IDD

    Financial advisers Published: 19/04/2018 Last modified: 21/09/2018
    This update includes important information for firms selling stakeholder products using basic advice. These firms should read this update to ensure they understand the impact of MiFID II and IDD, and comply with our standards.
  2. PS18/1: Insurance Distribution Directive implementation - Feedback and near-final rules to CP17/33 and other IDD consultations

    Policy statements Published: 19/01/2018 Last modified: 01/06/2018
    This is our third Policy Statement setting out near-final rules for the implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).
  3. David Geale on the Insurance Distribution Directive consultation - video transcript [pdf]

    Documents Published: 06/03/2017
  4. IDD: delivering clear, fair outcomes for consumers from the insurance sector

    Focus areas Published: 04/12/2018 Last modified: 04/12/2018
    The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) replaced the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD) on 1 October 2018. As a result, we have a number of requirements in our Handbook which apply to firms distributing insurance.
  5. PS17/21: Insurance Distribution Directive implementation – Feedback to CP17/7 and near-final rules [pdf]

    Policy statements Published: 25/09/2017
    This Policy Statement (PS) sets out our response to the feedback received to Consultation Paper 17/7 (CP17/7), which was the first of three consultation papers on the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).
  6. IDD general good requirements

    Focus areas Published: 27/11/2019 Last modified: 27/11/2019
    This table is intended to provide the information required under article 11 of the Insurance Distribution Directive (the IDD).
  7. CP17/23: Insurance Distribution Directive implementation – Consultation Paper II [pdf]

    Consultation papers Published: 24/07/2017
    We are consulting on our proposals for changes required to comply with the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).
  8. Update to proposed delay on the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)

    News stories Published: 05/02/2018 Last modified: 05/02/2018
    The European Commission (the Commission) has proposed a delay to the application date of the IDD to 1 October 2018. This proposal is currently under consideration by the European Parliament and European Council.
  9. General insurance events – Live & Local 2018/19

    Last modified: 05/04/2019
    From September 2018, we are offering a new series of events across the UK aimed at regulated general insurance intermediaries and general insurers. Online registration is required for each event.
  10. Apply for a passport

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 12/05/2015 Last modified: 04/12/2018
    You can apply for most passports on our online system, Connect.