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  1. Training and competence

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 12/05/2015 Last modified: 07/01/2021
    Our training and competence regime supports consumers by making sure the financial services workforce is appropriately qualified and well regulated.
  2. Catch the chameleon TechSprint team presentation video transcript [pdf]

    Transcripts Published: 06/09/2019
    Transcript of team presentation from the 2019 Global AML and Financial Crime TechSprint
  3. Pension transfers - introduction

    Consumers Last modified: 27/09/2021
    The first of 5 videos explaining our expectations of financial advisers when advising you on pension transfers.
  4. Sign up for FCA events updates

    Last modified: 22/05/2022
    Insurance. Investments. Mortgages. Pensions. Wealth Management. Other. Please indicate which of our cross-sector priorities you would be interested in hearing about (tick all that apply):. ... Innovation, big data, technology and competition. Treatment
  5. Pensions-UK 123 Ltd

    Warnings Published: 13/08/2013 Last modified: 27/11/2013
    We believe this firm may be providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation. Find out why you should be wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm and how to protect yourself.
  6. FSA - CP12/4 [pdf]

    Consultation papers Published: 28/02/2012 Last modified: 30/05/2013
    Consultation FSA - CP12/4 - The FSA's Consultation Paper CP12/4 is entitled 'Pension Transfer Value Analysis Assumptions'. It was published in February 2012. Comments should reach us by 27 March 2012.
  7. [pdf]

    Documents Published: 01/08/2014 Last modified: 01/08/2014
  8. Website feedback

    Last modified: 11/06/2016
    Investment manager. Mortgage lender or intermediary. Mutual society. Payment institution. Pension provider.
  9. Coronavirus (Covid-19): support for consumers

    Consumers Last modified: 18/11/2021
    Read our advice on mortgages, insurance, personal loans and overdrafts, and stay aware of any possible impact coronavirus could have on your money.
  10. Product sales data - 2020

    Data Published: 29/06/2021 Last modified: 29/06/2021
    The FCA collects data from the firms it regulates on what products they are selling. Firms operating in the mortgages, retail investments or protection sectors submit product transaction data to the FCA quarterly.