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  1. Monneo Ltd enters special administration

    News stories Published: 30/05/2023 Last modified: 30/05/2023
    On 30 May 2023, a special administration order was made by the Court in relation to Monneo Ltd under the Payment and Electronic Money Institution Insolvency Regulations 2021.
  2. We force third firm to reverse effect of misleading British Steel Pension Scheme offers

    News stories Published: 19/05/2023 Last modified: 22/05/2023
    The FCA has acted against another firm seeking to avoid liabilities under the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) redress scheme.
  3. Improvements to equity secondary markets

    News stories Published: 03/05/2023 Last modified: 03/05/2023
    The FCA are introducing changes to improve how equity secondary markets operate.
  4. Gaudi Regulated Services Limited in administration

    News stories Published: 26/04/2023 Last modified: 26/04/2023
    On 25 April 2023 the directors of Gaudi Regulated Services Limited appointed Sean Bucknall and Andrew Watling of Quantuma Advisory Limited as joint administrators. The administrators are qualified insolvency practitioners.
  5. FCA warns consumers about mismanagement of 'asset protection' trust schemes

    News stories Published: 25/04/2023 Last modified: 10/05/2023
    We have seen cases of firms seriously mismanaging trusts. Find out more about harm we’ve seen and how to protect yourself.
  6. Redress for Woodford Equity Income Fund investors

    News stories Published: 19/04/2023 Last modified: 19/04/2023
    Following the announcement of redress as part of their enforcement case against Link Fund Solutions, the FCA explains what this means if you invested in the Woodford Equity Income Fund.
  7. Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee sets out recommendations for the next phase of open banking in the UK

    News stories Published: 17/04/2023 Last modified: 17/04/2023
    Report from the Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee (JROC) with recommendations for the next phase of open banking in the UK.
  8. The USD LIBOR panel ceases at end-June 2023: Are you ready?

    News stories Published: 12/04/2023 Last modified: 12/04/2023
    It is now less than 90 days until the USD LIBOR panel ceases on 30 June 2023, marking another critical milestone in the necessary transition to robust Risk-Free Reference Rates (RFRs).
  9. FCA to lead GFIN Greenwashing TechSprint

    News stories Published: 11/04/2023 Last modified: 20/04/2023
    The FCA will be among 13 international regulators taking part in the Global Financial Innovation Network's first ever Greenwashing TechSprint.
  10. FCA orders WealthTek Limited Liability Partnership to cease operations as High Court appoints Joint Special Administrators and arrest made

    News stories Published: 05/04/2023 Last modified: 14/09/2023
    BDO LLP to take interim control of WealthTek Limited Liability Partnership.