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  1. Open regulators and open markets

    Speeches Published: 21/02/2024 Last modified: 21/02/2024
    Speech by Ashley Alder, Chair, delivered at the UK Mission to the European Union.
  2. Consumer Duty: the art of the possible in a year

    Speeches Published: 20/02/2024 Last modified: 20/02/2024
    Speech by Sheldon Mills, FCA Executive Director of Consumers & Competition on the Consumer Duty at KPMG.
  3. The UK listing regime - developments since the UK Listings Review and next steps for reform

    Speeches Published: 06/02/2024 Last modified: 06/02/2024
    Speech by Clare Cole, Director of Market Oversight, at the Westminster Business Forum.
  4. Leaning in on making consumer tech a force for good

    Speeches Published: 23/01/2024 Last modified: 26/01/2024
    Speech by Nikhil Rathi delivered at the Imperial College London Business School.
  5. How to flex your organisation's power through culture and conduct

    Speeches Published: 23/11/2023 Last modified: 23/11/2023
    Speech by Emily Shepperd, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Authorisations at City & Financial's Culture and Conduct Forum.
  6. Building firm foundations for healthy cultures

    Speeches Published: 20/11/2023 Last modified: 20/11/2023
    Speech by Sheree Howard, Executive Director of Risk and Compliance Oversight at the XLOD Global London conference.
  7. Consumer Duty: Not once and done

    Speeches Published: 01/11/2023 Last modified: 01/11/2023
    Speech by Nisha Arora, delivered at Deloitte: Consumer Duty - Next Steps
  8. Collaborate to compete: why we must all embrace a growth mindset

    Speeches Published: 16/10/2023 Last modified: 18/10/2023
    Speech by Nikhil Rathi, Chief Executive, FCA, delivered at the City Dinner, Mansion House.
  9. Updating and improving the UK regime for asset management: our priorities

    Speeches Published: 12/10/2023 Last modified: 12/10/2023
    Speech by Ashley Alder, Chair, delivered at the Investment Association’s Annual Dinner.
  10. AI: Flipping the coin in financial services

    Speeches Published: 05/10/2023 Last modified: 05/10/2023
    Speech by Jessica Rusu, FCA Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer, at the City and Financial Global AI Regulation Summit 2023.