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  1. FCA proposes the next stage of support for mortgage borrowers

    Press Releases Published: 26/08/2020 Last modified: 26/08/2020
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced proposals to ensure that firms provide tailored support to mortgage borrowers who continue to face payment difficulties due to coronavirus.
  2. Pension savers claim over £30 million lost to scams as regulators urge footie fans to show scammers the red card

    Press Releases Published: 25/08/2020 Last modified: 25/08/2020
    A total of £30,857,329 has been reportedly lost to pension scammers since 2017 according to complaints filed with Action Fraud, says the Financial Conduct Authority and The Pensions Regulator.
  3. High Court orders illegal pension introducers Avacade, Alexandra Associates and their directors to pay £10,715,000 restitution to consumers

    Press Releases Published: 10/08/2020 Last modified: 20/08/2020
    The two companies and three individuals must pay restitution to members of the public who were induced to transfer their pensions into self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs).
  4. FCA highlights concerns when credit firms allow repeat borrowing

    Press Releases Published: 06/08/2020 Last modified: 07/08/2020
    The FCA has today published the findings of a review into relending by firms that offer high-cost credit.
  5. FCA consults on new rules to improve open-ended property fund structures

    Press Releases Published: 03/08/2020 Last modified: 07/08/2020
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is consulting on proposals to reduce the potential for harm to investors from the liquidity mismatch in open-ended property funds. The new rules as proposed would require investors to give notice – potentially
  6. New guidance to help firms do more for vulnerable consumers

    Press Releases Published: 29/07/2020 Last modified: 25/09/2020
    The FCA has set out new best practice guidance for firms to do more to protect vulnerable consumers.
  7. FCA to ban motor finance discretionary commission models

    Press Releases Published: 28/07/2020 Last modified: 28/07/2020
    FCA will introduce a ban on discretionary commission models. Currently, some car retailers and motor finance brokers receive commission which is linked to the interest rate that customers pay – creating an incentive to sell more expensive credit
  8. FCA launches enhanced Financial Services Register to protect consumers

    Press Releases Published: 27/07/2020 Last modified: 27/07/2020
    The FCA has today launched its updated Financial Services (FS) Register – including a simpler design and clearer language.
  9. FCA seeks views on extending the implementation deadlines for the Certification Regime and Conduct Rules

    Press Releases Published: 17/07/2020 Last modified: 24/07/2020
    The FCA has today published a consultation paper on making changes to its rules following the extension to the deadline by which FCA solo-regulated firms need to have implemented the Certification Regime.
  10. FCA provides guidance to firms on maintaining access to cash for customers

    Banks building societies and credit unions Press Releases Published: 16/07/2020 Last modified: 16/07/2020
    The FCA wants to ensure that firms treat their customers fairly when closing a branch or ATM, including considering what alternatives they can provide their customers.