Insight Podcast: Regtech and data ethics

05 February 2019

Nick Cook and guests discuss crypto, algorithmic bias and whether ethics in AI is the ‘600lb gorilla in the room’.

In the first FCA Insight podcast, recorded at FCA Innovate 2019, Nick Cook, Head of RegTech and Advanced Analytics, is joined by Ghela Boskovich, Founder of FemTech Global and Head of Regtech and FinTech Partnerships at Rainmaking Innovation, Teana Baker-Taylor, Executive Director at Global Digital Finance and Shruti Ajitsaria, Head of Fuse at Allen & Overy.

In a wide ranging discussion, they cover the regulator’s role in convening the AI ethics debate, why the time has come for global standards, and whether data can ever be ‘perfect’, when it comes from flawed human beings.

With thanks to Ghela Boskovich, Teana Baker-Taylor and Shruti Ajitsaria for their participation in this podcast.

the machines that we’re programming to learn are learning from us and if you want a more ethical machine, then we need to be more ethical people - Teana Baker-Taylor

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