Listen up leaders

Listen up leaders

Can your leaders cope with being challenged? Guest author Fiona Hathorn gives tips on how leaders can become better listeners.

Speaking truth to power

It’s me, not you. If leaders want honest advice, they need to be terrified of believing in their own intellectual infallibility. Guest article by independent author, John Higgins.

The Big Tech Competition Dilemma

Advances in technology raise fundamental questions for competition in financial services - and pose a challenge to economists.

Extreme price movements in UK equities

It’s not always easy to pinpoint the cause of a flash crash. But trade data gives us a good picture of what happens during periods of extreme price volatility. 

New data sheds light on sterling flash crash

The sterling flash crash in October 2016 was amplified by investment banks and other dealers deserting the market, according to...

Psychological safety: the secret to effective teams

A willingness to call out mistakes and concerns at work has proved vital in hospital operating theatres. It is a lesson we can all heed. 

Tribes, vibes and hives: improving diversity through science

Behavioural science can tell us a lot about how humans are hardwired, and where efforts to improve diversity will be best spent.