Why firms should not wait to be pushed on Open Finance

Why firms should not wait to be pushed on Open Finance

Open Banking has shown how technology can make banking easier and more efficient, but it should be just the start, argues FCA adviser Magnus Falk.

To swing or not to swing? Alternative pricing rules and fina...

Traditional pricing models for mutual funds penalize loyal investors and might even fuel panic sell-offs in times of stress. Do alternative pricing methods offer a solution?

Explaining why the computer says ‘no’

The financial services industry is on the brink of revolution in artificial intelligence. But can the rise of AI decision-making be compatible with the need to explain decisions to consumers?

Is time up for mandated disclosure?

Guest author Professor Lauren Willis calls time on disclosure as a tool to regulate complex transactions and argues that there’s a better way to keep confused consumers informed.

When bank closures bite: the picture across the UK

Stories of the last bank in town are grabbing headlines. But new FCA research shows that the picture on the ground is more nuanced.

The mortgage market today – analysis of an evolving sector

From the pre-crisis period to the present day, proprietary FCA data paint a picture of a market in flux.

Insight Podcast: Regtech and data ethics

Nick Cook and guests discuss crypto, algorithmic bias and whether ethics in AI is the ‘600lb gorilla in the room’.