The mortgage market today – FCA analysis of an evolving sector

The mortgage market today – FCA analysis of an evolving sector

From the pre-crisis period to the present day, proprietary FCA data paint a picture of a market in flux.

Insight Podcast: Regtech and data ethics

Nick Cook and guests discuss crypto, algorithmic bias and whether ethics in AI is the ‘600lb gorilla in the room’.

IEX President says tech can help solve market inefficiencies

Ronan Ryan, President of US stock exchange IEX, talked about fibre optic cables, regulation and Flash Boys at a recent Insight lecture on the future of trading. Here are the highlights.

Don’t look here: do risk warnings really work?

We’re all familiar with risk warnings that point out obvious dangers ('Warning: coffee cup contains hot liquid').  But what if these warnings aren’t just obvious, but actually harmful?

Listen up leaders

Can your leaders cope with being challenged? Guest author Fiona Hathorn gives tips on how leaders can become better listeners.

Speaking truth to power

It’s me, not you. If leaders want honest advice, they need to be terrified of believing in their own intellectual infallibility. Guest article by independent author, John Higgins.

The Big Tech Competition Dilemma

Advances in technology raise fundamental questions for competition in financial services - and pose a challenge to economists.