About Insight

Each year, we carry out a significant amount of analysis and research to help financial markets work effectively. The Insight section is designed to promote access to some of the most interesting and thought provoking highlights of this work, with all content written and compiled either by members of staff, or by outside experts.

On these pages, all authors write in an individual capacity, with the aim of sharing their research, insight, expertise and opinions as widely as possible. The intention is to stimulate public debate on a whole host of topics, ranging from globally important questions over markets and regulatory economics, to domestic priorities like customer protection and competition.

The content on these pages draws on technical and academic reports, as well as short and engaging articles, some selected speeches presented by staff, and videos from our events.

The one consistent feature of these pieces is that they contain views which are of our contributors alone. Material should not necessarily be taken to represent the official views of the Financial Conduct Authority, nor read as any indication of future policy direction. If you want to get in touch, or have any questions about the Insight section, please email us at [email protected].