Paying attention or paying charges? It’s all in the timing

Paying attention or paying charges? It’s all in the timing

Rules requiring banks to automatically provide customers with text alerts if they enter an unauthorised overdraft come into effect this month. The rules, aimed at helping consumers avoid unnecessary charges, were introduced...

Measuring culture – can it be done?

Corporate culture is critical for corporate success and corporate responsibility, yet it is widely seen as impossible to measure objectively. Researchers at the London School of Economics have...

Learning from experience in financial services

Experience is the most effective teacher, but how can consumers learn by experience when some of the most important financial products are bought just once or twice in a lifetime?

What happens to Exchange Traded Funds in times of stress?

The unprecedented growth in passive investment and of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as a vehicle for both retail and institutional investors is one of the defining market trends of this century....

Artificial Intelligence in the boardroom

The advent of AI is not just a matter for the technicians, those at the very top of firms must take responsibility for the big issues.

Speaking up: small steps to big changes

There is no magic bullet for getting employees to speak up. But asking four questions can help organisations to create real and lasting cultural change.

Why firms should not wait to be pushed on Open Finance

Open Banking has shown how technology can make banking easier and more efficient, but it should be just the start, argues FCA adviser Magnus Falk.