About the InvestSmart campaign

InvestSmart aims to help consumers make better-informed investment decisions and become smarter investors.

This includes helping investors identify and access investments that suit their individual circumstances and attitude to risk, providing impartial information on basic investment principles and encouraging a longer-term, more diversified investment approach.

Our InvestSmart homepage hosts a range of articles to support consumers with their investment decisions, and we’ll be adding videos and tools that we believe will further support investors.

5 questions to ask before you invest

Don't get played – investing is not a game

Don't get played – understand the facts beyond the hype

About the FCA 

As the conduct regulator for nearly 45,000 financial services firms in the UK, we aim to ensure that financial markets are honest, fair and effective so that consumers get a fair deal. From children’s ISAs to pensions, direct debits to credit cards and loans to investments, how well financial markets work has a fundamental impact on us all.

UK financial services employ over 1.1 million people and, alongside related professional services, contribute an estimated £100 billion in tax per year – we all benefit if UK markets work well, competitively and fairly, maintaining confidence in the UK as a major global financial hub.

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Should you invest?

Tips on getting your immediate finances in order before you invest

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Mainstream investments

Many investors favour the peace of mind that comes from common investment choices

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High-risk investments

Often advertised as having high returns, they should be treated with caution

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