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Transaction reporting

Published: 27/03/2015     Last Modified: 29/04/2016
The Transaction Monitoring Unit (TMU) is responsible for surveillance of UK markets, the collection of transaction reports from the industry and for monitoring firms’ compliance with the transaction reporting rules as set out in SUP 17.

Latest update – March 2016


Greenwich Mean Time changes to British Summer Time at 01:00 GMT on Sunday 27 March. Please ensure your transaction reports are updated accordingly.

Previous updates

January 2016

ESMA guidelines

ESMA publishes guidelines on transaction reporting, reference data, order record keeping and clock synchronisation.

October 2015


British Summer Time changes to Greenwich Mean Time at 02:00 BST on Sunday 25 October. Please ensure your transaction reports are updated accordingly.

September 2015


ESMA publishes MiFID II/MiFIR draft technical standards.

July 2015

LIFFE Market Identifier Code (MIC) discontinued 

Please note that the MIC for the LIFFE exchange will be removed from the ISO10383 standard on 31 July 2015. As a result transaction reports containing ‘XLIF’ in the venue field after that date will be rejected by the FCA or by an ARM. Please be aware that ‘XLIF’ has not been a valid venue code since 17 November 2014. Transaction reports which have been submitted containing this MIC in the venue code for trade dates since then should be corrected as soon as possible to reflect the appropriate ICE Futures Europe exchange MIC [‘IFLL’ or ‘IFLO’].

March 2015


Greenwich Mean Time changes to British Summer Time at 01:00 GMT on Sunday 29 March. Please ensure your transaction reports are updated accordingly.

February 2015

Transaction Reporting User Pack (TRUP) 3.1 

The TRUP provides guidance to firms on understanding the transaction reporting obligations that come from Directive 2004/39/EC on MiFID, implemented through SUP17 of the FCA Handbook. The TRUP has been updated and the proposed text was consulted on. The final text of Version 3.1 has now been published as guidance and is effective immediately.

Any questions on Version 3.1 of the TRUP should be addressed to the Transaction Monitoring Unit at or on 020 7066 6040.

November 2014

Bloomberg TOMS

Bloomberg TOMS is Approved as a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) for MiFID transaction reporting.

As of 1 December 2014, Bloomberg TOMS has been granted approval to report International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) and Over The Counter (OTC) derivatives as part of the Approved Reporting Mechanisms (ARM) regime within the United Kingdom.

The transaction reporting service will be made available as part of the normal ticketing workflow to all users of Bloomberg TOMS.


Transaction reporting library

We have collected relevant links by topic to help firms locate key information. Library

Transaction Reporting User Pack (TRUP) 3.1

The Transaction Reporting User Pack (TRUP) 3.1 is a consolidated point of reference to help firms understand and comply with their transaction reporting obligations.

FCA transaction reporting handbook

Request sample transaction reports


Following the start of the EMIR reporting to trade repositories on 12 February 2014, we would like to remind firms that their transaction reporting obligations remain unchanged and they are expected to continue transaction reporting as per current arrangements. Reporting to trade repositories under EMIR does not replace any transaction reporting obligation and firms should continue to submit their transaction reports using an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) in accordance with SUP 17 of the FCA Handbook.

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We expect firms to consult this website and the associated links in order to find out information relating to the FCA’s transaction reporting requirements; however in the event that a specific query is not addressed on this site, you can contact us using the following contact details. In the case of a complex query a written request sent to the TMU Inbox would help us in addressing your query

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