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Protect yourself

Financial services firms can only operate in the UK if they are authorised by us or registered to do so, or are otherwise exempt.

Unfortunately, there are firms in the UK and abroad that operate without our authorisation, and some knowingly run scams.

Find out how to check if a firm is authorised by us, how to protect yourself from unauthorised firms, and the latest on our warnings and investigations.


Protect yourself from unauthorised firms

Last Modified: 12/09/2014

Follow our ten steps to make sure you are dealing with an authorised firm, and to protect yourself from fraud and unauthorised activity.

Unfair contracts

Published: 14/04/2015     Last Modified: Yesterday

Financial firms must provide clear and fair contracts, and cannot enforce unfair terms. Find out how to spot an unfair contract term, how to report it to us and how to get more information about your rights.

Report an unauthorised firm

Last Modified: 12/09/2014

Find out how to report an unauthorised firm and what information can help us.

Misleading adverts

Last Modified: 12/09/2014

Find out the difference between clear and misleading financial advertising, and what to do when you think an advert is misleading.

Firms to avoid

Search our list of unauthorised firms to be wary of

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UK banking brands

Check whether all of your savings are protected

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Bank account rights

Find out your banking rights and how to use them

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