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Online Notifications and Applications (ONA)

Published: 29/09/2014
ONA is our previous online system for the submission of applications and notifications. It is now being replaced by Connect.The only applications you can now submit on ONA are for Passporting.

Firms are encouraged to frequently check the information we hold about them using ONA. In accordance with SUP16.10.4 of our Handbook this must be done at least annually.

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From 1 October Connect will replace many of the applications currently submitted on ONA.
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Applications and notifications

ONA must be used to submit the following applications and notifications. Before submitting one of these for the first time, please view the information available by selecting the appropriate hyperlink:

Top tips

These top tips are intended to help firms save time and make more effective use of ONA. They are prompted by the most common issues raised with our Customer Contact Centre.

ONA operating hours

Monday - Friday: 7am-8pm
Support for ONA is provided by the Customer Contact Centre Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm, except Bank Holidays.

Applications and notifications not available in ONA

The following are not available in ONA:

  • Adding or changing Controlled Functions for Approved Persons who are Corporate Partners
  • Any application or notification for a Northern Irish Credit Union. See the Credit Union webpage for further information
  • Any Approved Person application that adds a CF10a, a CF40 or a CF50
  • Authorisations (including Change of Legal Status, Controllers and Approved Persons)
  • Change of controllers
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Transfer of business
  • Waivers



ONA, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)

Applications for both the FCA and the PRA should be submitted using ONA.  

These applications will be routed to the FCA or the PRA as appropriate. This process will be transparent to the user.

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Working together


The FCA and the Bank/PRA are working together to ensure the regulatory processes for dual-regulated firms is efficient.

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