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Published: 25/02/2015     Last Modified: 18/01/2016
GABRIEL is our online regulatory reporting system for the collection, validation and storage of regulatory data.


If your firm is new to GABRIEL, you will need to register a Principal User. Please read the how to register instructions to set up your Principal User.

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GABRIEL release December 2015


The following key changes were delivered into GABRIEL over the weekend of 5 to 6 December 2015:

  • new data items to collect Recovery and Resolution Plans in accordance with Policy Statement 15/2. They will be added to firm schedules during December 2015
  • new data items as a result of the Mortgage Credit Directive. These will be added to firm schedules from March 2016 
  • important updates to the validation and filing rules applicable to CRD IV reporting. See CRD IV reporting update below for further information 
  • new group structures to enable scheduling of FINREP in line with existing group functionality 
  • a new data item to collect remuneration benchmarking information in accordance with SUP 16.17
  • improvements to the resubmission process. Items will now appear on firms’ schedules for reporting as soon as the firm has submitted their request in GABRIEL

Please see the DRG Change Log v33 for further information on the data item-related changes.

GABRIEL has moved to a new location

You can now access GABRIEL at the following location:

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CRD IV reporting – important update on validation and filing rules

The validation rules that will be applied from 6 December 2015 can be found here. Please note that all submissions, including resubmissions, will be validated against these rules.

From 6 December 2015 we will also be applying filing rules based on the EBA published rules and additional rules exclusively for UK filers. The filing rules we will apply can be found here. This document lists the rules we will apply, illustrates what each rule verifies and what error message will be received if a rule is not passed. Please use this guide to resolve any issues before contacting us with queries.

Further information on CRD IV validation and filing rules can be found on our CRD IV page.

AIFMD reporting

Firms are reminded that they need to confirm their reporting is complete by submitting the AIF001/AIF002 data items on their schedule. 

AIFMD reporting Q&As

More information is available on our AIFMD Reporting page and in our Policy Statement PS13/5.

MMR reporting

Reporting for the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) is now in GABRIEL.  

Read frequently asked questions on the new mortgage Product Sales Data requirements, whilst guidance on the completion of the new Mortgage Lending & Administration Return (MLAR) data items can be found in Supervision Manual Chapter 16 Annex 19B.

More information is available in our Policy Statement PS13/12

GABRIEL operating hours:

Monday - Friday: 7am-10pm*
Saturday - Sunday: 8am-5pm

Support for GABRIEL is provided by the Customer Contact Centre Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm except Bank Holidays.
*GABRIEL will be available from 7am during our current peak period.

Quick Reference Guide

User Management QRG 

This guide provides information on how to log in, change your password and update your details.

Help text

We provide help text to assist firms with the completion of RMA data items.

The help text for data items can be found here.


Free e-learning course

This course is designed for all firms who are subject to reporting using GABRIEL.

RMA help text


We provide help text to assist firms with the completion of RMA data items.

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