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Last Modified: 25/02/2015
GABRIEL (GAthering Better Regulatory Information ELectronically) is our online regulatory reporting system for the collection, validation and storage of regulatory data.

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GABRIEL will be unavailable on Saturday 28 February while we undertake essential maintenance.


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Help text

We provide help text to assist firms with the completion of RMA data items.

The help text for data items can be found here.


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This course is designed for all firms who are subject to reporting using GABRIEL.

Latest News

CRD IV reporting due dates

Where reporting requirements fall within the remit of the ITS, firms should note that the reporting deadlines stated within this apply, even where these may differ to those displayed on Gabriel.

CRD IV Taxonomy v2.2 and additional validations

Version 2.2 of the CRD IV taxonomy is now live in GABRIEL, effective for returns with a period end date on or after 31 December 2014. This includes new items Asset Encumbrance and Funding Plans.

An increased set of validations will be activated and effective from Wednesday 17 December. The validations will be applied against all submissions, including any resubmissions covering periods prior to 17 December.

For further information on the validations as well as recommended steps to improve overall data quality, please refer to our communication of 4 December.

Changes to GABRIEL

New data items for Annual Reports and Accounts (FIN-A) and Persistency Reporting (REP003) are now available in GABRIEL, effective from 31/12/2014.

New versions of the following data items are also now available in GABRIEL:

Effective from 31/12/2014:
FIN-APF: APF Questionnaire
RMA-K: Adviser Charges
CCR002: Consumer Credit data: Volumes)
CCR004: Consumer Credit data: Debt Management Firms)
CCR007 (Consumer Credit data: Key data for credit firms with limited permission)
PSD006 (Product Sales Data - Short-term Loans)

Effective from 30/06/2015:
CMAR (Client Money and Assets Return)

AIFMD reporting

Reporting for the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is now in GABRIEL effective immediately.  The changes introduce five new data items:

  • AIF001 – Managers Report
  • AIF002 – Fund Report
  • FIN066 – Capital adequacy (for collective portfolio management firms)
  • FIN067 – Capital adequacy (for collective portfolio management investment firms subject to IFPRU)
  • FIN068 – Capital adequacy (for collective portfolio management firms subject to BIPRU)

More information is available on our AIFMD Reporting page and in our Policy Statement 13/5.

MMR reporting

Reporting for the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) is now in GABRIEL effective for reporting periods ending on or after 1 January 2015.  The changes introduce three new data items:

  • MLA-L – Credit risk
  • MLA-M – Liquidity Questionnaire
  • PSD007 – Product Sales Data - Mortgage Performance Sales Data

and changes to two existing data items

  • MLA-C – Capital adequacy
  • PSD001 – Product Sales Data - Mortgage

Read frequently asked questions on the new mortgage Product Sales Data requirements, whilst guidance on the completion of the new Mortgage Lending & Administration Return (MLAR) data items can be found in Supervision Manual Chapter 16 Annex 19B (time travel to beyond 1 January 2015 will be required).

More information is available in our Policy Statement 13/12

Changes to GABRIEL

New versions of RMA-B (Profit and Loss account), RMA-D2 (Financial Resources for Non-MiFID Personal Investment Firms), REP001 (Close Links Report), REP001a (Close Links Notification) and REP002 (Controllers Reports) are now available in GABRIEL effective from 1 November 2014.

Consumer Credit reporting

New data items for Consumer Credit are now available in GABRIEL and will be introduced from 1 October 2014. Please see our reporting requirements for consumer credit firms for more information.

We have also introduced two new data items for Crowdfunding which will also be available for submission from 1 October 2014. Details of the new requirements, including the rules, can be found in our Policy Statement PS14/4.

New versions of Complaints DISP 1 Ann 1R and RIA-Complaints are also now available.

GABRIEL operating hours:

Monday - Friday: 7am-10pm*
Saturday - Sunday: 8am-5pm

Support for GABRIEL is provided by the Customer Contact Centre Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm except Bank Holidays.
*GABRIEL will be available from 7am during our current peak period.

RMA help text


We provide help text to assist firms with the completion of RMA data items.

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