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Consumer Credit Register

Published: 26/02/2015     Last Modified: 16/02/2016
This is a public record of firms that have, or had, interim permission to carry out consumer credit activities.

Most businesses that offer goods or services on credit, lend money to consumers or provide debt solutions and advice to consumers will be carrying out consumer credit activities.

This includes firms providing personal loans, credit card issuers, credit brokers, payday loan companies, pawnbrokers, businesses offering hire purchase agreements, log book lenders, peer to peer lenders, and debt management and collection firms. Find out more about consumer credit.

We have taken over regulation of consumer credit from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and now offer a Consumer Credit Register of firms that were previously licensed by the OFT and have interim permission to continue carrying out consumer credit activities.

A firm that has interim permission will ultimately have to apply for full authorisation to continue carrying out consumer credit activities. If this is approved our updated record for the firm will move to the Financial Services Register.

The Financial Services Register also includes firms and individuals that are authorised or registered to offer financial services, payment services, electronic money or collective investment schemes. Some of these firms may also carry out consumer credit activities.

If you cannot find a firm on the Consumer Credit Register you should therefore also check the Financial Services Register.

How to use the Register

You can search for a consumer credit firm by name, post code or 'interim permission reference number’ to find out:

  • whether a firm has interim permission or is authorised by us to offer consumer credit
  • the type of activities covered by the interim permission or authorisation, and
  • the contact details, trading names and main business of a consumer credit firm

Some consumer credit firms with interim permission have ‘requirements’ imposed on them. These are conditions a consumer credit firm has to follow.

You should check whether a firm with interim permission has requirements imposed on it – you can search for requirements by firm name or interim permission number.

We have been able to impose requirements on consumer credit firms since 1 April 2014. A search for requirements will show these and requirements imposed by the OFT that applied on 31 March 2014, which now act the same as requirements imposed by us (subject to any necessary modifications). Please be aware that our records of OFT requirements reflect all information the OFT supplied to us by 31 March 2014.

Further information

We make every effort to ensure the Consumer Credit Register is accurate but be aware that some information is only updated when a firm updates the records we have for them.

If you see information that appears to be incorrect or missing you should contact us.

If you think a firm has been carrying out consumer credit activities without interim permission or our authorisation you can report it to us.

You can find out more about consumer credit, or see our final rules for consumer credit firms and a guide to being regulated by us.

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