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UK Listing Authority

To make securities markets work well, we focus on issuers of securities

The UK is a global centre for the issuance of securities – tradable financial instruments like shares and bonds. So that investors can have confidence in securities markets, securities regulators focus on the companies that issue those securities, which we call ‘issuers’. 

In the UK, the FCA does this through:

  • monitoring market disclosures by issuers and others and through enforcing compliance with the FCA Disclosure and Transparency Rules
  • reviewing and approving of prospectuses published by issuers and offerors of securities and through enforcing the FCA Prospectus Rules
  • operating the UK listing regime which requires listed issuers to comply with the FCA Listing Rules, and which gives investors an accreditation indicating that those issuers adhere to a range of standards on governance and investor protection

In the UK, there are issuers from almost every industry sector and from countries all over the world. View the Official List (this takes you to the Official List page directly).

Information for investors

Last Modified: 01/12/2015

Investors can gain access here to regulatory information on issuers and find out how to contact us regarding a possible breach of the FCA Listing Rules, Prospectus Rules and Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

Information for issuers

Published: 20/11/2015     Last Modified: 27/04/2016

Issuers (and their advisors) can find information and resources here that they need for interacting with us and for carrying out their various obligations under the FCA Listing Rules, Prospectus Rules and Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

Regulatory disclosures

Published: 11/05/2015     Last Modified: 11/03/2016

Issuers that are subject to our Disclosure and Transparency Rules, Listing Rules or Prospectus Rules are required to make announcements to investors in a range of circumstances.

Sponsor firms

Last Modified: 12/09/2014

Sponsor firms are firms approved by the FCA to advise premium listed companies on their obligations under the listing regime. We explain who the sponsor firms are, how we regulate them and how firms can apply to us to become a sponsor firm. We also provide information and resources that sponsor firms may need to refer to when interacting with us.