Authorisation - Financial Conduct Authority


Firms and individuals can only conduct regulated financial service activities in the UK if they are authorised by us to do so.

If you’re a payment services provider or an electronic money (e-money) institution you might qualify to be registered rather than authorised by us.

Registered firms do not have to provide us with as much detail about their business or safeguard the funds received from customers for payment services. We have less power to check on these firms.

Both authorised and registered firms must meet certain standards and provide us with information so we can monitor their business.

If you, or your firm, doesn’t meet our requirements, we could fine you or stop you operating in financial services.

We have separate information for consumer credit firms on how they can prepare for authorisation.

Do I need to be authorised?

Last Modified: 16/02/2015

You need to establish whether your firm's proposed business requires you to apply for authorisation to carry on regulated activities. For most smaller firms, this would typically include intermediaries selling investments and/or home finance activities and/or general insurance.

Getting authorised

Last Modified: 27/04/2015

To apply to become authorised or registered by the FCA you need to submit an application to us. Find out what you need to know about getting authorised here.

Authorising solo-regulated firms

Last Modified: 12/09/2014

The authorising solo-regulated firms section contains the necessary forms for a new application for authorisation to the FCA for a solo-regulated firm.

Authorising dual-regulated firms

Last Modified: 12/09/2014

Dual-regulated firms will be regulated by the FCA for the way they conduct their business and by the PRA for prudential requirements.