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Published: 19/04/2015     Last Modified: 19/04/2015
The new FCA and PRA Handbooks came into force on 1 April 2013.

Firms and consumers can view the new Handbooks at: www.fshandbook.info/FS

The layout reflects our approach to ‘designating’ the Handbook, as described in our Guide to Designation. Firms can choose to view FCA-only rules, PRA-only rules or a Combined View, which contains all provisions made by both regulators.

Dual-regulated firms are reminded that they will need to consider both the FCA and PRA rules.

Further information on the new FCA and PRA Handbooks can be viewed in the Reader’s Guide: an introduction to the Handbook.

Subscriptions or Print on Demand

Subscriptions are available per module or for the Combined View of the Handbooks as well as for the Listing, Prospectus and Disclosure and Transparency Rules. Subscriptions are annual and include all relevant updates.

There’s no option for a subscriber to receive only the FCA-owned provisions from a sourcebook where content is shared (and similarly for the PRA).

We will not be producing a PRA-only Handbook in print.

Alternatively, if you simply require a one-off copy of the Combined View which includes all of the FCA and the PRA rules, this is available.

To place an order for the hardcopy Handbook please telephone 0845 600 9355, email or visit the Sweet and Maxwell website.

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Help Points

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If you need any further assistance regarding the regulatory content of the Handbooks, please see the how to contact us page or contact your FCA or PRA supervisor.

If you have a functional query, how do I use the Handbook? How do I change my password? etc, please email us.