Protecting consumers - Financial Conduct Authority

Protecting consumers

Last Modified: 28/01/2015
We work to protect consumers from the harm that can be caused by bad conduct in the financial services industry.

We act to ensure that a firm has its customers at the heart of how it does business, giving them appropriate products and services, and putting their protection above profits or remuneration.

To make sure consumers are protected and treated fairly, we monitor which firms and individuals are able to enter the financial markets, making sure that they meet our standards before we authorise them.

We then supervise how they work and stop those that are not meeting our standards from carrying out the activities that we regulate.

Where we find that firms are not following our rules, we intervene. This can mean stepping in to impose penalties, to stop them from trading or to secure redress, and ensure that consumers receive the information they need in the right way, so they can make the best decisions for themselves.