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Our Executive Committees

Published: 11/06/2015     Last Modified: 05/11/2015
Find out how our management structure operates to ensure markets work well so that customers get a fair deal.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is chaired by Tracey McDermott. It is the primary executive decision making body of the FCA and is responsible for the operations of the organisation, including policy decisions, regulatory issues and more general operational matters.

Executive Regulatory Issues Committee

The Executive Regulatory Issues Committee is chaired by Tracey McDermott. It is responsible for making decisions on how we should act on prominent issues escalated from divisions across the organisation, including Markets, Authorisations, Supervision and Enforcement, within the FCA’s current remit.

Policy Steering Committee

The Policy Steering Committee is chaired by Christopher Woolard. Responsibilities involve maintaining oversight of all FCA policy initiatives and overseeing draft guidance for consultation. It discusses policies at an early stage and provides senior level input into their development.

Executive Operations Committee

The Executive Operations Committee is chaired by Georgina Philippou and is responsible for our internal operations, including finance, people, accommodation, IT, internal risk management and business continuity.

Executive Diversity Committee

The Executive Diversity Committee is chaired by Christopher Woolard. The Committee leads our internal and external diversity agenda, contributing to the FCA being an employer of choice and a more effective regulator. The committee also provides direction and makes decisions on diversity-related matters that affect the organisation, and champions diversity in the FCA.