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  1. Creating and sustaining cultures of compliance: insights from psychology and beyond

    Insight Published: 16/12/2016 Last modified: 17/02/2017
    In addition to calls for stricter penalties for offenders, we have seen notably higher fines imposed since the pre-crisis period, while scrutiny of the culture in financial service firms has ... This understanding underpins the substantial work on
  2. Facing the future – challenges and priorities for the FCA

    Speeches Published: 12/11/2020 Last modified: 12/11/2020
    Speech by our CEO, Nikhil Rathi, given at the Address to the City Regulators, Mansion House.
  3. Getting the right investor outcomes

    Speeches Published: 24/09/2014 Last modified: 30/09/2014
    Speech by William Amos, Director of Wholesale Banking and Investment Management at the Investment Week Fund Management Summit, London. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  4. Looking ahead to 2014

    Speeches Published: 09/12/2013 Last modified: 09/12/2013
    Speech by Martin Wheatley, Chief Executive of the FCA, at the ICI Global Trading and Market Structure Conference. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  5. Requirements of approved persons

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 12/05/2015 Last modified: 25/05/2022
    Approved persons have to know and meet our regulatory requirements, as well as understand how to apply them.
  6. What can the consumer credit sector expect from the FCA?

    Speeches Published: 21/03/2019 Last modified: 21/03/2019
    Speech by Jonathan Davidson, Executive Director of Supervision – Retail and Authorisations, at the Credit Summit, London.
  7. Treating vulnerable consumers fairly

    Tasks for regulated firms Focus areas Published: 27/07/2020 Last modified: 16/06/2022
    Our work on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers, including why vulnerability matters and how it affects your firm.
  8. Business Plan 2021/22

    Business plans Published: 15/07/2021 Last modified: 19/08/2021
    Our Business Plan 2021/22 explains how we see our future role and priorities, how we intend to deliver them and how we will measure our performance.
  9. Regulation round-up July 2016

    Newsletters Published: 21/07/2016 Last modified: 21/07/2016
    Mediation Activity Returns (RMAR), and our approach when firms submit a nil response. ... Complaints handling return. Consultation on credit union rules. Speech: Getting culture and conduct right.
  10. Protect yourself from fake FCA communications

    Consumers Scams Published: 18/02/2021 Last modified: 19/08/2021
    Scammers may claim to work for us to try and get you to reveal important financial information. Find out how to spot and avoid this type of scam.