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  1. Connect

    Registers and systems Published: 04/05/2016 Last modified: 18/02/2020
    FCA Connect is our user management system for you to submit applications and notifications. Use it to notify us about approved persons or suspicious transactions or apply for MiFID II.
  2. Account information service (AIS) and payment initiation service (PIS)

    Last modified: 22/09/2017
    These services already exist in the UK, however, PSD2 will bring them within the scope of regulation. ... PSD2 introduces important changes to the passporting process and to the procedure to appoint agents.
  3. Regulation round-up July 2017

    Newsletters Published: 20/07/2017 Last modified: 20/07/2017
    Regulation round-up is our monthly email to all regulated firms, updating you on the latest news that affects your sector.
  4. AIS and/or PIS combined with other payment or e-money services

    Last modified: 22/09/2017
    These services already exist in the UK, however, PSD2 will bring them within the scope of regulation. ... authentication. Payment initiation services provide an alternative to paying online using a credit card or debit card.
  5. Contact us

    Last modified: 06/08/2020
    If you have a query, comment or complaint about the FCA you can contact us by web chat, email or phone.
  6. Strong Customer Authentication

    Consumers Published: 13/08/2019 Last modified: 30/04/2020
    The way your bank or payment services provider verifies your identity, or validates a specific payment instruction, is changing. Find out more about these changes.
  7. Account information and payment initiation services

    Consumers Know your rights Published: 08/12/2017 Last modified: 27/07/2020
    The law is changing. When the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was introduced on 13 January 2018, online services that you allow to access your account data or make payments on your behalf became regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  8. The future of competition and regulation in retail banking

    Speeches Published: 28/11/2017 Last modified: 28/11/2017
    Speech by Christopher Woolard, Executive Director of Strategy and Competition at the FCA, delivered at Future of Retail Banking 2017.
  9. Strong Customer Authentication

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 02/09/2019 Last modified: 18/06/2020
    New rules apply that affect the way banks or other payment services providers check that the person requesting access to their account or trying to make a payment is the person permitted to make a payment and validate specific payment instructions.
  10. Change in control over a payment institution (PI) and electronic money institution (EMI)

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 10/05/2015 Last modified: 13/01/2018
    The revised Payment Services Regulations 2017 (PSRs 2017) introduced new requirements for a change in qualifying holding or change in control of PIs. There are no changes to the change in control process for EMIs.