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  1. The New Market Infrastructure

    Speeches Published: 16/05/2014 Last modified: 29/11/2016
    Keynote speech by David Lawton, Director of Markets, at the Economist Bellwether Conference. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  2. Consumer warning on Renaissance Advisory Ltd

    News stories Published: 10/12/2021 Last modified: 10/12/2021
    We have removed Renaissance Advisory Ltd’s permissions. It is therefore no longer authorised to carry out any regulated activities.
  3. FCA performance scorecard - comparison metrics for personal current accounts 2021

    Data Published: 14/01/2021 Last modified: 14/01/2021
    This performance scorecard 2021 highlights some of the information available on personal current accounts, and can help customers choose their provider.
  4. Consumer warning on Grosvenor Associates Ltd

    News stories Published: 01/12/2021 Last modified: 01/12/2021
    We have removed Grosvenor Associate Ltd’s permissions. It is therefore no longer authorised to carry out any regulated activities. 
  5. FCA publishes review into unsecured credit market

    Press Releases Published: 02/02/2021 Last modified: 02/02/2021
    We have published a report on change and innovation in the unsecured consumer credit market following a Review by former Interim Chief Executive, Christopher Woolard CBE
  6. Pawnbroking sector review

    Multi-firm reviews Published: 10/07/2018 Last modified: 10/07/2018
    As part of our Mission, we recently published details of Our Approach to Supervision. In this, we outlined how we supervise firms as part of a portfolio of firms that share a common business model. Pawnbroking forms part of the high-cost credit
  7. Product sales data: performance data FAQs

    Registers and systems Published: 06/05/2016 Last modified: 04/01/2022
    Product sales data: new mortgage requirements: performance data FAQs
  8. Stress testing for human beings

    Speeches Published: 27/09/2019 Last modified: 27/09/2019
    Speech by Charles Randell, Chair of the FCA, delivered at the Gleneagles Pensions & Savings Symposium.
  9. Business Plan 2022/23

    Business plans Published: 07/04/2022 Last modified: 27/04/2022
    The FCA Business Plan details the work we'll do over the next 12 months to help deliver the commitments in our Strategy.
  10. Consumer warning on Semantic Business Services Ltd

    News stories Published: 11/04/2022 Last modified: 11/04/2022
    We have removed permissions from Semantic Business Services Ltd. It is no longer permitted to carry out any regulated activities.