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  1. Previous complaints data

    Data Published: 06/05/2016 Last modified: 06/08/2020
    Explore complaints data for previous years.
  2. FCA publishes Guidance Guarantee Policy Statement

    Press Releases Published: 27/11/2014 Last modified: 27/11/2014
    FCA publishes Guidance Guarantee Policy Statement. Press Releases First published:. 27/11/2014. ... The FCA has outlined changes to the standards including: how complaints should be dealt with; how the outcome of the guidance guarantee session should be
  3. PS16/11: Complaints against the Regulators

    Policy statements Published: 31/03/2016 Last modified: 31/03/2016
    PS16/11: Complaints against the Regulators. Policy statements First published:. 31/03/2016. Last updated: 31/03/2016. ... In this Policy Statement we report on the main issues arising from CP16/6 and publish the final Complaints Scheme.
  4. Mortgage lenders and intermediaries

    Firms Mortgage lenders and intermediaries Last modified: 02/06/2020
    Information for mortgage lenders and intermediaries.
  5. Aggregate complaints data: 2018 H2

    Data Published: 18/04/2019 Last modified: 18/04/2019
    This page focuses on complaints that financial services firms reported during the second half (H2) of 2018, between 1 July and 31 December 2018. This includes the latest trends and analysis by product group.
  6. FCA data shows consumer complaints fall by 15%

    Press Releases Published: 09/04/2014 Last modified: 10/04/2014
    The latest complaints data published by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) shows 2,479,029 new complaints were opened against financial services firms between July and December 2013. ... Highlighting complaints data can only help to drive up standards
  7. FCA publishes Insurance Distribution Directive consultation

    Press Releases Published: 06/03/2017 Last modified: 06/03/2017
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today published the first of its two consultation papers on the implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).
  8. Aggregate complaints data

    Data Published: 16/04/2020 Last modified: 16/04/2020
    The data include all the complaints that firms report to the FCA apart from complaints relating to consumer credit related activities.
  9. Regulation round-up March 2019

    Newsletters Published: 26/03/2019 Last modified: 26/03/2019
    Regulation round-up is our monthly update on the latest news that affects your sector.
  10. Aggregate complaints data sortable table: 2019 H2

    Data Published: 16/04/2020 Last modified: 16/04/2020
    Aggregate complaints data sortable table: 2019 H1