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  1. Fraud

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 22/02/2016 Last modified: 16/08/2021
    Fraud can include phishing, boiler rooms, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, carousel fraud, identity theft and advance fee fraud
  2. FSA and OFT publish guidance to firms designing new payment protection products

    Press Releases Published: 24/01/2013 Last modified: 10/04/2013
    The Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) have jointly published final guidance to help prevent the problems associated with Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) recurring in a new generation of products.
  3. Regulation round-up September 2013

    Newsletters Published: 02/10/2013 Last modified: 28/10/2013
    The My Home policy has already been sold to consumers in the UK through one authorised general insurance intermediary. ... It is possible that this policy or others offered by Pacific Blu are also being sold through other general insurance firms in the UK
  4. Aggregate complaints data charts 2016 H1 [pdf]

    Data Published: 06/10/2016
    These charts look at total number of complaints opened and total number excluding Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), complaints broken down by product type and the top five most complained about products or services in 2016 H1, percentage of total
  5. Regulation round-up August 2018

    Newsletters Published: 16/08/2018 Last modified: 16/08/2018
    Regulation round-up is our monthly email to all regulated firms, updating you on the latest news that affects your sector.
  6. PPI campaign response update - August 2017 - August 2019 [pdf]

    PPI Published: 10/09/2019
  7. PPI campaign response update - August 2017 - May 2019 [pdf]

    PPI Published: 17/06/2019 Last modified: 17/06/2019
  8. Regulation round-up September 2018

    Newsletters Published: 20/09/2018 Last modified: 20/09/2018
    Regulation round-up is our monthly email to all regulated firms, updating you on the latest news that affects your sector.
  9. FSA - GC11/26 [pdf]

    Guidance consultations Published: 11/11/2011 Last modified: 11/07/2016
    This guidance is likely to be of most relevance to Firms who provide or distribute short-term payment protection products (in particular short term income protection or debt freeze/debt waiver), or who are considering doing so.
  10. CP15/39: Rules and guidance on payment protection insurance complaints [pdf]

    Consultation papers Published: 26/11/2015 Last modified: 27/11/2015
    In this paper, we consult on proposed new rules and guidance for payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints.