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  1. CP16/9: FCA regulated fees and levies: rates proposals 2016/17

    Consultation papers Published: 04/04/2016 Last modified: 10/08/2021
    We are consulting on our proposed 2016/17 regulatory fees and levies
  2. Consumer Investments: Strategy and Feedback Statement

    Corporate documents Published: 14/09/2021 Last modified: 14/10/2021
    The FCA sets out its view of consumer harm in this market and its 3-year strategy to address this. 
  3. Policy development update

    News stories Published: 02/07/2020 Last modified: 10/09/2021
    The policy development update provides some information on our recent and upcoming publications but should not be regarded as comprehensive.
  4. The defining challenge of our time

    Speeches Published: 11/03/2015 Last modified: 20/03/2015
    Speech by Martin Wheatley, Chief Executive of the FCA, delivered at the NAPF Investment Conference, Edinburgh. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  5. CP14/11: Retirement reforms and the Guidance Guarantee

    Consultation papers Published: 21/07/2014 Last modified: 21/07/2014
    standards, monitoring compliance with those standards and collecting the levy, which will fund the provision of the guidance. ... individual consumers. Our proposals will affect all consumers who have DC pension funds, and those who will have these
  6. PS20/7: FCA regulated fees and levies 2020/21

    Policy statements Published: 02/07/2020 Last modified: 24/07/2020
    We are publishing our final 2020/21 regulatory fees and levies including feedback on CP20/06.
  7. RMA-J Data required for collection of fees: help text (for reporting period ending 31 March)

    Registers and systems Published: 12/05/2016 Last modified: 28/03/2019
    Read our help text for Gabriel submission RMAR section J (RMA-J) data required for collection of fees. For firms with a reporting period ending on or before 31 March 2019.
  8. PS15/4: Retirement reforms and the guidance guarantee

    Policy statements Published: 27/02/2015 Last modified: 17/08/2021
    In this Policy Statement we publish the final rules in respect of retirement risk warnings. The rules have been made without consultation, in reliance on section 138L of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.
  9. PS14/17: Retirement Reforms and the Guidance Guarantee, including feedback on CP14/11

    Policy statements Published: 27/11/2014 Last modified: 17/08/2021
    This Policy Statement reports on the main issues arising from Consultation Paper 14/11 Retirement reforms and the Guidance Guarantee and publishes near final standards and rules.
  10. PS16/16: FCA regulated fees and levies 2016/17 including feedback on CP16/9 and 'made rules'

    Policy statements Published: 29/06/2016 Last modified: 17/08/2021
    The policy in this paper will enable us to raise the funding for the FCA, the Financial Ombudsman Service and MoneyHelper (formerly the Money Advice Service) to meet their statutory objectives in 2016/17.