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  1. Call for mortgage intermediaries willing to help mortgage prisoners

    Mortgage lenders and intermediaries News stories Published: 09/07/2020 Last modified: 29/10/2020
    We want to hear from mortgage intermediaries who will work with mortgage prisoners to help them identify and move to an active lender where this is possible, or signpost them to additional support such as debt advice.
  2. FCA changes mortgage advice rules to encourage consumer choice

    Press Releases Published: 07/05/2019 Last modified: 07/05/2019
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today published proposals for changes to its mortgage sales requirements which will help to give consumers more choice in how they buy a mortgage.
  3. Latest news

    Registers and systems Published: 09/05/2016 Last modified: 11/05/2021
    Gabriel is the FCA's online system for collecting and storing regulatory data from firms.Find out about the latest Gabriel news and updates.
  4. 2021 Disclosure Log

    Last modified: 17/05/2021
    The aim of the FCA's Disclosure Log is to keep information that it has released under the Freedom of Information Act and which it thinks is of wider public interest. Find the Disclosure Log for 2021.
  5. FCA Mortgage Conference – 7 September 2015

    News stories Published: 27/08/2015 Last modified: 27/08/2015
    The UK mortgage market faces a range of challenges to meet the future needs of consumers. ... With a focus on affordable housing, the ageing population and over-indebtedness, we will explore their impact on the future of the mortgage market.
  6. Citizens Advice supercomplaint to the CMA - update

    News stories Published: 09/01/2020 Last modified: 09/01/2020
    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its response to the Citizens Advice super-complaint on the loyalty penalty in December 2018, making several cross-cutting and market-specific recommendations in the cash savings, home insurance
  7. CP14/28: MIPRU Simplification

    Consultation papers Published: 08/12/2014 Last modified: 15/01/2015
    This paper sets out our proposed changes to our Handbook to make it simpler for certain mortgage firms to calculate their capital requirements. ... the Mortgage Market Review (MMR).
  8. Robo Advice: an FCA perspective

    Speeches Published: 02/11/2017 Last modified: 02/11/2017
    Speech by Bob Ferguson, Head of Department, Strategy & Competition Division, FCA
  9. FCA starts debate on fairness of changes to mortgage contracts

    Press Releases Published: 07/07/2014 Last modified: 07/07/2014
    FCA starts debate on fairness of changes to mortgage contracts. Press Releases First published:. ... The FCA has an overarching strategic objective of ensuring the relevant markets function well.
  10. Sustainability

    Speeches Published: 22/07/2014 Last modified: 05/08/2014
    We will also be carrying out a review of how competition operates in various areas of wholesale markets.Market studies provide us with a different way of looking at issues across ... helping us achieve our objectives to promote competition and make