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  1. Regulated Broker

    Warnings Published: 22/10/2015 Last modified: 22/10/2015
    We believe this firm may be providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation. Find out why you should be wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm and how to protect yourself.
  2. Technical information on RMAR source data

    Data Published: 06/06/2019 Last modified: 29/07/2021
    The Retail Mediation Activities Return (RMAR) is the core regulatory return submitted by firms who provide intermediary services arranging and/or advising on mortgages, non-investment insurance or investment products. Monitoring and analysing the
  3. Regulating the funeral plans sector

    Firms Published: 05/02/2021 Last modified: 05/11/2021
    On 29 July 2022, the FCA will start regulating the pre-paid funeral plans sector. Find out what this means for funeral plan providers and intermediaries.
  4. Service standards 2020/21

    Data Published: 15/07/2021 Last modified: 15/07/2021
    The FCA measures its performance using service standards. These are the levels of performance that it aims to meet when carrying out its regulatory functions. This service standards analysis is for 2020/21.
  5. Regulated Covered Bonds Register

    Firms Registers and systems Published: 13/05/2016 Last modified: 02/11/2021
    The Regulated Covered Bonds Register is a public record of all regulated covered bond issuers and regulated covered bonds.
  6. Business plan guidance for lending firms

    New firm authorisation Published: 29/04/2020 Last modified: 29/04/2020
    Follow this guidance when preparing your business plan as part of your application for authorisation as a lending firm.
  7. CP21/16: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 32

    Consultation papers Published: 04/06/2021 Last modified: 16/08/2021
    Once a quarter, we consult on proposed miscellaneous amendments to our Handbook.
  8. PS20/11: Removing barriers to intra-group switching and helping borrowers with maturing interest-only and part-and-part mortgages

    Policy statements Published: 23/10/2020 Last modified: 08/09/2021
    We amended our rules on closed mortgage books in October 2020. We also issued temporary new guidance as part of our coronavirus (Covid-19) measures, which will end on 31 October 2021
  9. PS21/1: Breathing Space Regulations: changes to our Handbook

    Policy statements Published: 26/02/2021 Last modified: 26/02/2021
    We’re consulting on some minor changes to our Handbook resulting from regulations on problem debt that are expected to come into force in England and Wales in May 2021.
  10. RMA-B Profit and loss account: help text

    Registers and systems Published: 12/05/2016 Last modified: 13/05/2021
    RMA-B Profit and loss account: help text