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  1. Regulation round-up October 2015

    Newsletters Published: 15/10/2015 Last modified: 09/11/2016
    In August, we launched a joint consultation with the Treasury: the Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR). ... Senior Managers Regime: Grandfathering forms. PS: Whistleblowing. CP: Regulatory references. Call for Inputs on competition in the mortgage
  2. FSA - FS10/1 [pdf]

    Feedback statements Published: 23/03/2010 Last modified: 30/05/2013
    Feedback FSA - FS10/1 - This Feedback Statement reports on the main issues arising from Discussion Paper 09/3 (Mortage Market Review).
  3. Ageing population: update from the FCA

    News stories Published: 15/09/2016 Last modified: 06/03/2017
    We have published this statement to warn consumers against dealing with unauthorised firms.
  4. FSA - DP09/3 Mortgage Market Review [pdf]

    Discussion papers Published: 16/10/2009 Last modified: 12/09/2014
    Discussion FSA - DP09/3 Mortgage Market Review
  5. Laying myths to rest

    Speeches Published: 17/10/2013 Last modified: 17/10/2013
    Speech by Martin Wheatley, Chief Executive of the FCA, at the British Bankers’ Association Annual International Conference, London. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ from the delivered version.
  6. TR15/9: Embedding the Mortgage Market Review: Advice and Distribution [pdf]

    Thematic reviews Published: 09/07/2015 Last modified: 09/07/2015
  7. FSA - Handbook Notice 124 [pdf]

    Handbook Published: 31/10/2012 Last modified: 30/05/2013
    On 27 September 2012 the FSA Board made changes to the Handbook which create a mortgage market that is sustainable for all participants and that works better for consumers by reforming areas of responsible lending, distribution, disclosure, arrears
  8. Regulation round-up March 2019

    Newsletters Published: 26/03/2019 Last modified: 26/03/2019
    Regulation round-up is our monthly update on the latest news that affects your sector.
  9. Regulation round-up March 2016

    Newsletters Published: 17/03/2016 Last modified: 17/03/2016
    Statement on compliance with EBA Guidelines on Sound Remuneration Policies. Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD). ... Retirement Income Market Data. DP: Ageing population and financial services. FS: General insurance value measures.
  10. Published coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance for firms

    Firms Published: 12/08/2020 Last modified: 07/04/2021
    We've published various guidance for firms in response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.