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  1. Regulatory reporting

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 03/05/2016 Last modified: 09/06/2016
    Find out more about the type of reports you should be sending us to comply with our regulatory requirements.
  2. UK Benchmarks Regulation

    Markets Regulated markets Published: 22/04/2016 Last modified: 07/09/2021
    The Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) aims to ensure benchmarks are robust and reliable, and to minimise conflicts of interest in benchmark-setting processes.
  3. FCA Mortgage Conference 2015 — panel summaries

    News stories Published: 18/01/2016 Last modified: 16/06/2016
    but the mainstream mortgage market also has a significant role to play, to provide the capacity needed to meet the requirements of a growing older population. ... Funding is likely to come into the mortgage market from a range of investors, who see
  4. Occasional Paper No. 35: Six of One…? Choice of intermediary in the UK mortgage market

    Occasional papers Published: 04/05/2018 Last modified: 29/01/2021
    As part of the FCA's mortgages market study, the FCA wanted to understand whether consumers’ borrowing costs vary materially depending on their choice of intermediary and, if so, why.
  5. FSA - Mortgage and other home finance intermediaries [xls]

    Data Published: 05/12/2012 Last modified: 26/06/2013
    Statistics on mortgage and other home finance intermediaries.
  6. Regulation round-up February 2018

    Newsletters Published: 15/02/2018 Last modified: 21/02/2018
    Regulation round-up is our monthly email to all regulated firms, updating you on the latest news that affects your sector.
  7. TR16/4: Embedding the Mortgage Market Review: Responsible Lending Review

    Thematic reviews Published: 16/05/2016 Last modified: 16/05/2016
    TR16/4: Embedding the Mortgage Market Review: Responsible Lending Review. Thematic reviews First published:. ... TR16/4: Embedding the Mortgage Market Review: Responsible Lending Review (PDF). You should read this thematic report if you are a lender or
  8. Market abuse

    Markets Market abuse Published: 04/05/2016 Last modified: 28/02/2022
    Certain types of behaviour, such as insider dealing and market manipulation, can amount to market abuse. Firms must have safeguards in place to identify and reduce the risk of market abuse and other financial crime.
  9. MS16/2.2: Mortgages Market Study: Interim Report: Annex 5 – Findings on lifetime mortgages [pdf]

    Market studies Published: 04/05/2018
  10. Product sales data (PSD) Mortgage trends - volumes - Aggregated statistics: 2005 to 2013 - extended version [xls]

    Data Published: 29/08/2013 Last modified: 30/08/2013
    Transactional level data for regulated mortgages from 2005 - 2013.