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  1. FCA consults on new benchmarks powers

    Statements Published: 18/11/2020 Last modified: 11/12/2020
    In this statement, we set out our potential approach to the use of proposed new powers under the Financial Services Bill to ensure an orderly wind down of LIBOR.
  2. FSA Final Notice 2013: The Royal Bank of Scotland plc [pdf]

    Final notices Published: 06/02/2013 Last modified: 31/05/2013
    For the reasons set out in this Final Notice, the FSA is taking action against The Royal Bank of Scotland plc
  3. FSA Final Notice 2012: UBS AG 19th Dec [pdf]

    Final notices Published: 19/12/2012 Last modified: 31/05/2013
    For the reasons set out in this Final Notice, the FSA is taking action against UBS AG 19th Dec
  4. Ending reliance on LIBOR: Overview of progress made on transition to overnight risk-free rates and what remains to be done

    Speeches Published: 21/02/2019 Last modified: 21/02/2019
    Speech by Megan Butler, Executive Director of Supervision – Investment, Wholesale and Specialists at the FCA, delivered at the Investment Association, London. 
  5. Benchmarks

    Markets Regulated markets Published: 22/04/2016 Last modified: 07/09/2021
    Benchmarks are used in a wide range of markets to help set prices, measure performance, or work out amounts payable under financial contracts – this makes them integral to our strategic objective of ensuring that markets function well.
  6. FSA - CP12/36 [pdf]

    Consultation papers Published: 05/12/2012 Last modified: 30/05/2013
    Consultation FSA - CP12/36 - This Consultation Paper outlines our proposed approach to enacting recent government policy for the regulation of benchmark submission and administration in the future, with LIBOR as the first benchmark to be brought in
  7. PS18/5: Powers in relation to LIBOR contributions [pdf]

    Policy statements Published: 14/03/2018
    In this Policy Statement (PS), we feed back on the responses received to our CP17/15. We also report on the data we collected from banks in parallel with the consultation. We explain our conclusions on the methodology we would expect to use if we
  8. CP17/15: Powers in relation to LIBOR contributions [pdf]

    Consultation papers Published: 12/06/2017
    We are consulting on how we would use our compulsion powers for the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and setting out our proposed approach to using these powers.
  9. Wealth managers

    Wealth managers Last modified: 05/03/2021
    Wealth managers
  10. Firms

    Firms Last modified: 15/07/2021
    Tasks for regulated firms and authorisation information for new firms