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  1. Strong Customer Authentication

    Consumers Published: 13/08/2019 Last modified: 09/10/2019
    From 14 September 2019, the way in which your bank or payment services provider verifies your identity or validates a specific payment instruction will change. These European Union (EU) rule changes are designed to reduce the risk of a fraudster pretending to be you to steal your money.
  2. Anti-money Laundering Compliance

    Focus areas Published: 03/08/2015 Last modified: 16/01/2020
    AML compliance is required from all FCA registered firms. Learn more about AML regulations and appointing a Money Laundering Reporting Officer.
  3. FSA - Customer File Reviews [pdf]

    Archive Published: 06/12/2007 Last modified: 03/08/2016
    This document is intended to help you consider the type of information you could get from reviewing a customer’s file. Think about your current process. Does it only act as a check for administrative errors or does it allow you to assess the advice process as well as the quality of the advice given.
  4. Improving the suitability of financial advice

    Speeches Published: 19/09/2019 Last modified: 03/10/2019
    Speech by Debbie Gupta, Director of Life Insurance and Financial Advice Supervision at the FCA, delivered at Money Marketing Interactive Conference 2019, Harrogate.
  5. Wealth management

    Consumers Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 29/05/2018
    Find out about wealth management services and how to ensure you get the service you expect.
  6. Consumers

    Consumers Last modified: 04/12/2019
    Consumers can find out about their rights with banking, insurance, mortgages and financial advice, and how to complain or avoid scams.
  7. General insurance brokers: acting for commercial customers

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 09/02/2016 Last modified: 04/12/2018
    Understand what we expect of general insurance brokers who arrange premium finance plans.
  8. Preparing your firm for Brexit

    Firms Published: 12/07/2018 Last modified: 20/12/2019
    The UK will leave the EU without an implementation period on 31 October 2019 unless a deal is approved or a further extension is agreed. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, regulated firms should have considered if or how they will be affected and what action they may need to take.
  9. How to claim compensation if a firm fails

    Consumers Complaints and compensation Published: 19/04/2016 Last modified: 01/04/2019
    If you are owed money by a financial firm that goes bust, you may be entitled to compensation.
  10. Unauthorised payments from your account

    Consumers Know your rights Published: 18/04/2016 Last modified: 13/01/2018
    In most circumstances, your bank must refund you for an unauthorised payment. Find out what your rights when money is taken from your account without your permission.